Plot a disclapmixfit object.

# S3 method for disclapmixfit
plot(x, which = 1L, clusdist = clusterdist(x), ...)



a disclapmixfit object, usually from a result of a call to disclapmix.


What plot to make. 1L = clusters and their distances.


To use previously computed cluster distances to avoid doing the same computations twice.


not used


A data frame with discrete Laplace distributions for each cluster and locus. Side effect: A plot.

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data(danes) db <- as.matrix(danes[rep(1:nrow(danes), danes$n), 1:(ncol(danes)-1)]) fit <- disclapmix(db, clusters = 4L) plot(fit)
#> Warning: Packages seriation are not available, hence the plot cannot be created. #> Please install these if you wish to plot using this function. #> Alternatively, you can use the return value of this function to obtain the necesary data needed to create your own plot function if you for some reason do not want to install the packages.